father’s day gift {race track t-shirt}


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Danny loves to play with the kids when he gets home from work. He talks about how his dad used to play a game with them where he pretended to be an opossum sleeping on the ground and the kids had to see how close they could get to him without waking the “opossum” up. In the meantime, his dad could get a little rest while the kids had a good time. Sometimes when I am sore from running, the boys will play “steam roller” where I lay on my stomach and they roll over my back to make me “flat like a pancake.” I, in the meantime get a nice back massage. So here is an early Father’s Day gift we made for Danny. It is a race track t-shirt. So the boys can play with their cars, while Danny gets a little rest.
to make:
first. Get a plain t-shirt, some freezer paper and some fabric paint.
second. Draw a pattern on the non shiny side of the freezer paper (I did mine in pencil so that I could make changes and then just traced it with black marker)

third. Put the freezer paper inside the shirt (you want to make sure you are painting on the BACK of the t-shirt) I also had some newspaper under the freezer paper, but you really don’t need that.

fourth. With a thin paint brush, trace the lines of the race track. You can see the lines right through the t-shirt, so it was easy to just paint right over it. It took me probably an hour to paint the whole shirt. Then after I painted the black lines, I just filled the buildings and trees in with a little color.

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