the sock bun


I wear my hair up probably 5 days a week and a bun is so easy, so this is what my hair looks like most of the time. Now, I probably won’t do many hair tutorials because in no way do I consider myself someone with “hair knowledge” but I recently showed some girls at church how to do the sock bun, and they loved it so I thought I would share it with you.

To make the sock:
Get a sock that semi matches the color of your hair. {I took one from my husband’s sock drawer} Cut the toe part off.

Then roll it up.

Until it looks like this.

Then follow these steps below: Put your hair in a high pony tail using a normal hair elastic. Then put the sock roll over the hair elastic.

Take some hair (I usually just start in the front) and just start wrapping it around the sock roll, kind of tucking it under the sock roll as you go. Then secure it with a few bobby pins. I use about 3, but it make take more depending on the length of your hair.

And that’s it, your hair is hassel free. You will get an even looking bun every time using the sock roll.

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