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Hey everyone, I am enjoying some time in one of my favorite places: a small lakeside town in Michigan. I am filling up on fudge and ice cream, and loving it! Here is a little guest post for you today from a friend over at A Teacher Without A Class, I hope you enjoy!


Hi, I’m Kaylynn, and I write over at A Teacher without a Class.  I love Sarah and of course her blog.  She is my inspiration for starting my own blog.  I have three children, two boys and a girl: ages 9, 7, and 5.  I love doing crafts and educational activities with them.  My blog reflects what I do with my kids almost on a daily basis: reading, writing, and crafting.  I graduated two years ago with a Master of Teaching, and I have lots of ideas floating around in my head.  I share them on my blog.  I hope to incorporate these someday into a classroom, and love doing them with my own children.

Step 1: Preparing the shirt.

To prepare the t-shirt I used wax paper and a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of card stock.  
First, I wrapped and taped the card stock with the wax paper.

Second, I inserted the card stock in between the front and the back of the shirt to prevent paint leaking through to the other side, and I wrapped and taped the shirt around the paper.

Third, I taped off  the rectangle corner with blue painter’s tape the corner of the flag. Finally, I placed it in my plastic bin.   I used a Sterlite 14 in L x 11 in W X 3 1/4 H plastic bin.  The shirt was ready to paint.

Step 2: Painting the stripes.

I wanted big stripes, so I got out our toy monster truck, and drove it around in red acrylic paint.

Then the fun began: tipping the box back and forth over the shirt to get the stripes.  We would reapply the paint after each run, place the truck in a new spot for the next set of stripes.

Step 3: The hand print for stars and blue background.

After the red stripes dried, I got out the blue acrylic paint, and painted both of E’s hands.  

Here is the result.  I liked the way it turned out–but you could always add stars with a q-tip and white paint.

Step 4: Iron

Because I used acrylic paint, I needed to iron the shirt.  The heat and pressure should allow you to use the shirt over and over again!  

Step 5: Enjoy

Thanks Kaylynn!
{p.s. I am guest posting over at Inspired By Family Magazine today go check it out here}

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