photography 101: building an at home studio


I always prefer to take pictures outside because the lighting is better, but sometimes, that just isn’t an option, like when there is a foot of snow on the ground. So I have slowly gathered some camera equipment to make it easier to take pictures inside. And because I am a beginner, I don’t want to spend a ton of money on equipment, but I would like nice things. Here are some things that I use when taking pictures indoors, (usually in my guest bedroom or living room). Just pick whatever room has the most natural light, and open all of the curtains and doors in the room to let as much light in as possible.

Backdrop Stand
When I started, I used some PVC pipe, which was cheaper, but it was quite cumbersome and difficult for me to set up by my self. This one is a lot easier! I like that it is easily adjustable.
Seamless Paper
When you are choosing a backdrop, you basically can choose between paper or cloth. I like the paper look much better, then it’s not all wrinkly. There are two sizes of the seamless paper: 107″ x 12 yards 53″ x 12 yards. I have one large white one so that I can take pictures with groups of people and then I have two smaller ones, (because they are easier to work with, blue and grey). They come on a large roll. I love using seamless paper! (I used this grey seamless paper for the photo above).
Muslin Backdrop
This is your fabric option for a backdrop. I bought the white muslin. This is easier to hang on the stand because it is lighter than a giant paper roll, but I don’t like how wrinkly it always is because you can often see those wrinkles in the pictures.
Lighting Kit
I use this lighting kit when shooting indoors because often, the natural sunlight just isn’t enough or isn’t there at all if it’s cloudy. I like it a lot and thought it came at a good price. 
Hot Shoe Flash Trigger
I use this as an additional flash. I can hook up my external flash to this and hook it on one of the lighting kit’s umbrellas and then use the flash that is built in my camera so that I have a flash coming from two different angles. I don’t use this a lot but it’s nice to have.

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