seating place holder -> coasters -> tree ornament


When I was working on my Thanksgiving table decor, I needed to trim the candles down a bit and was leftover with these little half inch pieces of wood. I thought they would make great coasters, then decided to stamp them.
first. Cut the logs to about a 1/2 inch.
second. I used the stamp technique that I used on my stamped table. Basically,  you just print whatever you want on to the shiny side of freezer paper and then press it on the wood. Make sure you reverse any lettering so that it’s not backwards when you transfer it on the wood. I did that with Elly’s, I forgot to reverse it and the owl says “love” backwards. I figured it was ok since she can’t read yet.
third. Treat the wood. You can use whatever method you would like to treat the wood, or just leave it bare. You don’t have to treat the wood, but it may crack when it dries out. I hadn’t treated the wood yet in these pictures but simply covered them with a light colored stain + polyurethane. Don’t use a really dark stain or else you may not be able to see the stamp.

 Now you can use it as a seating place holder at dinner and/or a coaster.

fourth. To turn it in to an ornament for your guests to take home, I drilled a tiny hole in the top of the wood and screwed in a tiny eye hook. Then you can attach ribbon or baker’s twine, etc.

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