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Last year at Christmas we had a family reunion and two weddings all within a week of each other. We were in Ohio, then Chicago, then Texas. It is completely different planning for air travel than car travel. You are so much more limited in your options of travel supplies. This year we aren’t flying anywhere and have already visited a lot of our family recently, so some of our family are coming to us this year for the holidays, which will be great! But because a lot of our family lives within an 8 hour drive, we make several road trips throughout the year. So, I thought it might be helpful to share some of our road trip tips since many of you may be hitting the roads in a few days for the holidays.
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first. Make sure to pack only the essentials, you CAN do laundry at your guests house or stop by a laundromat. You need some wiggle room in your car and remember you will most likely be bringing back some Christmas gifts.
second. Pack to entertain the kids. My kids have little DVD players and headphones they use while in the car. To make them more excited about watching their movies, I always stop by the store and buy a couple of those $5 DVD’s to pack along with some of their favorites. That way it’s something new for them.
third. Along with that, I buy treats and snacks I don’t normally allow the kids to have so that they are excited to be in the car with their new snacks and movies. Also, I buy snacks and treats for my husband and I that we don’t normally allow ourselves to eat 🙂
fourth. I pack each of the kids their own travel backpack with their movies and snacks.
fifth. We always stock our iPhones with podcasts so that we have something new to listen to while the kids are watching their movies.
sixth. Be cognizant of the climate where you are travelling. We usually travel through snow… even if snow isn’t our final destination .. we still make sure to pack warm snow clothes and blankets in case we some how get stranded and have to stay in our car for a while. That includes packing some extra water and snacks just in case.

seventh. Make sure your car emergency kit is IN your car.
eight. Pack a plastic bag in case one of the kiddos gets car sick… we learned that tip pretty quick!
ninth. If you have a kiddo who is potty training, bring along the training potty or this travel potty. It saved us a few times when our kids couldn’t wait for a rest stop.
tenth. We normally travel in the evening, so we make sure to let our kids pick out a stuffed animal and a travel blanket and pillow so that they are more comfortable and able to fall asleep.

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