Lightscoop Deluxe review


I am always taking pictures indoors and it can be pretty difficult sometimes because of poor lighting. You may remember that a few months ago, I talked about the Lightscoop. It has been amazing! How it works is the Lightscoop attaches to the hot shoe of your DSLR Camera. The camera’s built in flash bounces off the mirror of the Lightscoop and reflects light off the ceiling, bringing in so much more light to your photos. And because the light is bounced off the ceiling, it looks a lot more natural than the harsh flash. I really do use it all the time and even just leave it on my camera. Sometimes I forget that it is on my camera when I go outside. I was so happy when the kind people at Lightscoop sent me their Lightscoop Deluxe.

I like the Deluxe even better because with the original Lightscoop, you really only can bounce light off the ceiling when shooting horizontal. It just didn’t look right when I would try to take a vertical picture because of the reflection off the wall. So I tried to avoid taking vertical pictures indoors. But the Lightscoop Deluxe rotates so that you can bounce the light off the ceiling even when photographing vertically. It also folds up to fit in your pocket. Below are some pictures I took using the Lightscoop Deluxe. The pictures were taken at night in my dining room with just the normal ceiling light on. Notice how much smoother the photos look when I used the Lightscoop. There are no dreaded flash shadows with the Lightscoop.

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