thrifted picture frame to chalkboard


In my living room, I had an empty little wall and decided I wanted to add a chalkboard of some sorts. I have some gold accents in the room and thought that a gold framed chalkboard would be perfect. So I hit the thrift stores. I like to shop at thrift stores when I find awesome deals on things, but I don’t shop there often because with three little kids, it’s so hard to go all the way to a store with the thought that I might come away with nothing. I would rather just go to Hobby Lobby or Target where I know I will come away with what I am looking for. But the thrift stores do have the allure of low prices and hidden treasures. So one day I got up the courage and went to THREE thrift stores in the search for a gold picture frame to turn in to a chalkboard and also a chandelier I could paint and use in Elly’s room. And I found both for a total of $18 I was beyond excited that my time wasn’t wasted! 🙂 

It was an added bonus that the frame was oval… seriously a perfect find! One that I bragged to my husband about for a few days. But I do think it’s funny when I buy something at a thrift store and the old ladies at the checkout counter talk about how beautiful the picture or artwork is and how they wish they had found it. I am always thinking in my mind… yeah… I am going to totally paint over that! All I did was take out the glass and spray paint it with chalkboard paint. I sharpened the chalk with a little knife to make it easier to write with. I also hung a banner made from burlap and glitter scrapbook paper. And that’s it!

I love the natural distressing of the frame.
{This is one of my favorite church hymns it says “There is beauty all around, when there’s love at home….” something that is always good to remember}
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