Maybe you have seen them on the news or in the blogosphere… cronuts are a new foodie craze. You can read about them here. I would consider myself a bit of a foodie-if that means that I enjoy keeping up with the latest food trends and going to great lengths to get my hands on it. My husband is usually very patient with me wanting to go out of our way or wait in a long line to get some yummy food. So when I saw that Gur Sweets Bakery in the suburbs of Chicago was selling cronuts (that I had heard so much about), I knew I needed to stop by. Cronuts have only been in existence since May and were started by a bakery in New York. They are a mix between a donut and a croissant. I waited about 30 minutes to get one-actually I bought four, the max that one can buy at this bakery. They have a cream filling inside, this was a mango strawberry cream. They cost $5 per cronut, and it takes about three days to make the dough. They also have a short shelf life too-they recommend eating them within five hours (which wasn’t a problem for us!) They were delicious! They actually tasted exactly what you would expect if you combined a donut and a croissant-not healthy in the least bit. But well worth it!
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