A few weeks ago my son had his 6th birthday and he asked that we do an outdoor movie party. It was perfect, we just had the kids eat pizza outside, open presents and then sit on blankets and chairs for a movie outside. I used my photography backdrop paper and stand to show the movie on and we used a projector. I also knew we needed some sort of concession stand for the party-for an intermission. I wanted it to be a bit vintage looking, yet also versatile enough that I can use it for other things other than just that one event. I was originally thinking doing a “lemonade stand” sort of table with a piece of wood above the table that said, “concession stand.” But then it would just sit in the garage until we needed another concession stand… so I went for the buffet table idea instead. 

Because this was a last minute project and I only had a few days to get it done, (it was an after the kids go to bed out in the garage until 10pm kind of project) there are no picture steps to completing the table but I will try to explain how my husband and I made it.  I made it from scrap wood I found in my garage. The top of the table is an 8 ft x 2 in board that I cut in half and sanded and stained it. That piece of wood was probably about 30 years old, it had indents and paint marks already it was perfect.

I thought of the table design-one that would be easy and sturdy. We used some 2 x 4’s and some 1 x 4’s and just screwed it all together. I then spray painted it black and when that dried painted it white. I sanded it down a bit to give it a vintage feel. 

For the sign, I painted an old window. I painted the window panes with chalkboard paint and painted the outside and distressed it. I screwed in some hooks to the window and the underside of the table so that I could hang the window from it. It’s perfect because it’s so quick to take off and on.

For the concession stand we made some homemade popcorn and I used these cute little boxes I got from the grocery store and I let Jackson pick out some candy to fill my glass jars. I told him he could get whatever he wanted and he was so excited. I have a lot extra so I plan to give it out at Halloween 🙂 The kids filled these little cupcake liners I got from WholePort. They were the perfect size because I didn’t want all the kids getting sick from eating too much candy. So they could grab a bag of popcorn and fill a cup with candy.

I am so happy with how it turned out and so proud that I didn’t spend any money on making this because I had all the supplies already-I just love those projects! I think I spent about $35 on candy so that was my only expense. We left the table on our screened in porch for now and use it as a buffet table when we eat out there.

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