My kids love apples and they are so good for you. And there are so many benefits from eating them, you can find out more about those benefits hereMy husband loves pies and I made about 10 cherry pies from cherries we picked over the summer. I froze them all using


tip from one of my earlier posts. And we recently went to the apple orchard so I have been making pies and applesauce a lot. So when I have been making my cherry pies, I use


crust recipe. I love it! It makes two crusts and so I use one and freeze the other crust by rolling it out and then rolling it up in some parchment paper and wrapping in saran wrap-and pop it in the freezer. I treat it like you would a normal store bought crust-just let it thaw out before you use it. Anyway, for the cherry pies I make a granola, butter, brown sugar crumb to put on top. But I was trying to decide what to put on the top of the apple pies and I thought about those pre made carmel circles you use for caramel apples-you know, these:

I just stretched it out a little and it fit perfectly in the center of my pie. I placed it on top immediately when the pie came OUT of the oven. I have not tried baking the pie with the caramel on it, but one time I tried doing that with little caramel bites and the carmel bites turned really hard-so after the baking is what I would recommend. There’s just nothing better than a warm homemade apple pie oozing with caramel!

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