I love staying on top of the latest trends so I thought I would share some of my favorite trends for fall/winter footwear. I would love to be able to switch out my shoes and wardrobe every year… but that just doesn’t happen, so instead, I try really hard to buy some basic staples that are trendy and also versatile and will last a few years. That way I am buying just one or two big (meaning-expensive) clothing items a year, instead of the whole wardrobe. I think some staples for footwear are a rain boot, moccasin, black tall boot, oxfords, a brown tall boot, some winter boots- for those times you will actually be in the snow-my rain boots just don’t cut it in midwest winters- and a pair of flats. Now just throw a pair of wedges, heels and sandals in there and you have your entire shoe closet. That’s just 10 pairs of shoes-too bad that’s not  r e a l l y  how many shoes I have… I may have accumulated a few more 🙂                      
{the other weekend I went on a fall color tour around Northern Michigan- s t u n n i n g-riding a chairlift up a ski mountain to see the beautiful valleys}
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