I love going through my closet, finding clothes that I don’t wear for some reason or another, and then upgrading them a little so that I will wear them. And lately I have been adding patches to just about everything. It’s such a simple upgrade, but can totally transform a piece of clothing. In the first picture, I am wearing some leggings that had a hole in the knee, so I used fabric glue and glued on some leather pieces.

 Here I removed the pocket and then sewed on a black felt heart.

Here I added some leather elbows simply by glueing them on with fabric glue and I also switched out the buttons with some leather ones.  

And here I used a seam ripper to remove the heart-which wasn’t so bad, kind of cute-but I wanted to add shoulder patches so the lace heart had to go 🙂 I used black quilted fabric and sewed/glued the patches on.

See now I have four pieces of clothing that I like so much more now! How about you, do you have some hidden treasures tucked away in your closet?

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