A few weeks ago I was in Hancock Fabric and found this wool fabric and knew I wanted to make a scarf with it. And I had some extra fabric so I made two. I made one for me, and one for one of you! I am giving away this cowl scarf! I also have included the tutorial below. But for those of you who don’t want to worry about making one-scroll down to enter the giveaway. And p.s. after 32 years of being a brunette, I am trying out life as a blonde- thanks Linda 😉

{scarf: tutorial below, top: Chicnova, skinnies: H&M, boots: Guess}
To Make:
1. Cut your fabric in to a square-the size depends on how big you want it, so it’s totally up to you. I used about a 36 inch square.
2. Fold it in half right side of the fabric in. Sew a single stitch along the raw edges and leave a few inches open, you will need that hole later.

 3. To sew the rest of the scarf, you need to fold it. But it needs to be folded a certain way. To do that, here is the easiest way I can explain how to do it. Stretch out your arm and put it in the scarf right side of the fabric out. Then take the end of the scarf by your hand and pull it up to meet the other end by your shoulder. So it kind of folds up onto itself. Make sure the seams line up. Hold the raw edges and shake it out like pillowcase and it will look like the picture below.

4. Then slide the raw edges up to the sewing machine and slowly sew all around the scarf, just like you would sew on a sleeve.

 5. To get the scarf right side out, pull the fabric through the little opening left in step 2.

 6. Then either hand stitch the opening shut or I always use bonding tape and iron that.
 7. Then I found these little gold pins in my husband’s workshop, they were left by the previous owner-I love finding little treasures like that. And I cut little strips of leather and I had cute little scarf pins.

To enter the giveaway to win this cowl scarf: ***This giveaway is now closed***
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Leave a comment below telling me which of these things you did. I will pick a winner using from the comments below. This giveaway is open until January 29th. Good luck!

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