My husband bought me a subscription to Birchbox and I am so excited! It’s such a fun way to keep up on trending beauty products and accessories. Every month I get a special little present! For those of you not familiar with Birchbox, you can go on their website and fill out a little bio so that they can make sure to cater some of the products to what you like and need.

I received my first gift box at Christmas and this was the first of the monthly ones. I think overall I was pretty satisfied with January’s products. I loved the Under Armour braided neon headband. It has little grips that keep it in place.

I also liked the Camille Beckman body butter-it wasn’t spectacular, but man especially in these dry months, I love body butter. I really liked the Fekki Brilliant Glossing Cream for my hair. I have used it several times and really like it and think it does make my hair more shiny. I have also been using the Retrospect C4-7 Intensive Serum, but haven’t really seen any differences in my skin… maybe the trial packs aren’t enough to see true results, but it does make my face smooth.

I didn’t like the Nail Rock Velvet. It wasn’t a color I would normally wear and I put it on and it was just weird having my fingernails the texture of velvet. And then after I did the dishes the next day, they looked like an animal shedding it’s fur because the velvet became so uneven.

I am excited to see what Birchbox has in store for the year and looking forward to my next little package!

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