The other day I was perusing Target’s clearance section to see what kind of treasures I would find-usually I don’t find anything and just buy the regularly priced clothes… But this time, I found this plain black sweater dress. I thought it would be perfect for my rhinestone ribbon I got at JoAnn’s months ago. I simply cut the rhinestone ribbon the length I wanted, pinned it on the shoulders of the sweater and hand sewed it on. It totally transformed the sweater and it’s much more exciting because of the shoulder bling. Not only was the sweater dress a killer deal at $8, but it doubles as a sweater I can wear with jeans, I just rolled it up a little.

{I just wanted to capture what it’s like living in the midwest and what it’s like taking pictures in a snowstorm… in a dress… in heels… in case you were wondering}
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