I shared my St. Patrick’s Day decor on Monday, and today wanted to share a tutorial for how I made the little book page wreath. I am sure you have seen these wreaths before. I have and think they are so cute. It was pretty quick too-but mine is small, so I image it would be much more tedious if my wreath were bigger.
To make it, I cut a hole in one of my cardboard cake plates I got from WholePort. I have a lot of them and was wanting to make the wreath right away-I didn’t want to wait until I went to the store to buy a wreath frame. And this worked great. I guess any sort of cardboard could work. I just traced a DVD and then used a matte knife to cut it out. Then I cut a bunch of circles out of the book pages. {Sorry Seabiscuit… I’m not sure how you got to our house, but you will be better used as a wreath, than sitting on our shelf hoping to be read- don’t worry we watched your movie.} Then put a dab of hot glue in the center of the circle and fold it over. Put another dab of hot glue in the bottom center of the half moon shape and fold it again. Then hot glue them around your cardboard ring. 

 I just used a piece of fabric to hang it and I taped it to the back of the mirror.

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