When I took down my Valentine’s Day decorations, I quickly put up some St. Patrick’s Day decor. St. Patrick’s day is just around the corner. Since my dad is Irish, I feel I need to support the motherland and add a little green to our home.

Also, a few weeks ago our chandelier in our dining room was on the fritz. It came with the home when we moved in, so who knows how old it is. Recently, my four year old was looking up at it and said, “Mom, that chandelier needs to go it is so old!” And I was like, “How do you know it’s old?”-(Really, how does a 4-year-old know when a lighting fixture is old?) He said, “It just looks really old and dirty.” Hmmm… well, the dirty part is my fault… Anyway, when a light bulb burnt out, I changed it and then when screwing in the new one I heard a buzz and two other light bulbs went out. So there was obviously some loose wire or short or something. And that week (perfect timing!) contacted me about reviewing one of their lighting fixtures. I was so thrilled-not only do they have a huge selection, but it was delivered right to my doorstep!

I chose this chandelier and L O V E it! I wanted something that was the same color as before because I think that color goes well with the room. And when ordering on, you can pick from different color options with a lot of lamps to make sure it coordinates perfectly with your space. This particular chandelier is the oil rubbed bronze.

It came so fast and my husband installed it. It even came with lightbulbs which was a bonus! I am loving it. It’s a lot brighter and now my 4-year-old approves of the decor in our dining room 🙂

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