A few years ago I made this meal for my kids for April fools’ day. Now, they want this meal all the time especially when we have people over for dinner. Everyone we serve it to loves it and the kids love trying to trick the guests by telling them that we get to eat dessert first and that for dessert we are eating a hamburger. The kids requested it the other night for some dinner guests and I thought since it is close to the actual April Fools’ day, I would share it in case any of you are looking for a fun meal for April Fools. 
For the “cupcake” I made meatloaf. I used this recipe. I form the meatloaf in to balls and then put it in the cupcake liner before cooking it. The meat shrinks a little as it cooks-just keep that in mind. For the “frosting” I just mashed some potatoes. I use beaters to get them very fine-otherwise sometimes when I use my piping bag to pipe it on to the meat loaf, chunks of potatoes get stuck in the tip. I added a little red food coloring in addition to my normal mashed potato ad ins- (butter, garlic salt, milk, salt and pepper). Then I piped the mashed potatoes on to the meatloaf. 
For the “french fries” I just used a store bought sugar cookie dough. And sliced them thin with a pizza cutter. I topped them with some raw sugar to look like salt.
For the “hamburger” I made cupcakes using a yellow cake mix. I put them in the cupcake pan with no liner, I just sprayed with cooking spray. I wanted to make sure they didn’t have the lines in them that a cupcake liner would make. I made some brownies, using a 9×13 pan so that they were thin. I cut the bottom of the cupcake off and then cut the top of the cupcake-so I don’t use the middle of the cupcake, I suppose you could use the whole cupcake if you made your cupcakes smaller than I did. I used a little circle cookie cutter to cut the brownies. Place the brownie on the cupcake, and spread some frosting in the layers. I used white frosting as “mayo” on the bottom and then red and yellow frosting on top as “ketchup” and “mustard.” I normally drizzle red frosting over the “french fries” to be “ketchup.” I used some sesame seeds for the top of the hamburger. Just dab some water on the cupcake and the sesame seeds will stick to it.
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