There are a few foods that I am on the quest to find the perfect recipe for-and pizza is one of them. I have tried so many different doughs and cooking methods… and this is the closest to what I would consider the perfect pizza. I learned about it through an online cooking course called Craftsy. (I followed a link from one of my link parties a while ago). You have to “enroll” on Craftsy, but it’s free. There you can watch a video with step by step directions on how to make the dough and then to cook it. I’m not even going to give a recipe here because you really just need to watch the course to learn the technique. But do it guys! It’s totally worth it! I make pizza all the time now-well, I guess I always made pizza but now it’s so much better!

What I was looking for is the light airy crust that was crunchy on the outside. Like wood fired or brick oven pizza. I used a pizza stone in my oven to cook this. The toppings for this particular pizza were: pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, and parmesan cheese with fresh basil. I always brush on some olive oil and sea salt on the crust before cooking. This is the “American Neapolitan” crust.

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