The first Friday in June is National Donut day. Did you know that? I recently learned that so I decided to make some special donuts in honor of National Donut day-I mean, I AM a patriot, I feel no other choice but to celebrate these things 🙂 I made a s’more donut since, I love s’mores and could eat them everyday.

S’more Donuts
homemade or store bought donuts
marshmallow fluff
crushed graham crackers
chocolate frosting (I just melted some regular cake frosting I had in the refrigerator)

Spread the marshmallow fluff over your donut. I used chocolate store bought donuts. (And as a side note, the marshmallow fluff melts over time so I recommend you serve the donuts right away. I left the donuts on the counter overnight and by the morning the marshmallow had melted off and it looked like a mess). Sprinkle on the crushed graham crackers and drizzle on some frosting. It was such a quick way to turn a plain donut in to something that looks so delicious.

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