I made this little camera tote for our trip to Europe. I wanted something that was small and protected the camera like a little sock. I wanted to be able to haul it around in my backpack and know that it wasn’t going to get damaged. One Saturday I whipped up this little tote. I am still surprised when I am able to complete a sewing project exactly as I imagined it-each time it’s nothing short of a miracle! This was one of those times.
I bought some quilted fabric because I thought it would be easy to sew with and protective for the camera. I also used felt. I doubled up the felt on the sides to make sure it was thick enough.
to make:
1. Cut the fabric how you want it. This took a little while because I wanted it to fit very snug on the camera. I wrapped the fabric around the camera until I got the shape and size I wanted. I also sewed on some extra felt to be a decorative flap. 
2. Fold over and sew what will be your top edges, not the sides of the light grey fabric, just the ends. Do the same with the side panels (dark grey fabric in next picture).

3. Sew the side panels on. Sew the right side of the fabric to the right side of the fabric. You will be folding the fabric as you sew because you eventually will have the sides and bottom of the tote.

4. When you are done sewing the side panels all around, you should have a little tote that looks like this.

5. Just flip it right side out and I sewed on some velcro to attach the decorative flap and I also sewed on a leather handle.

I also added a little leather scrap and brass pin.

See how the camera fits so snug inside.

And you can just tuck the flap inside to protect the camera, but still have the cute decorative flap on the outside.

And it served its purpose and protected my camera like a champ.
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