IMG_2041My little Elly loves wearing leggings. I made her some leggings in the past, but this time I wanted to make her some harem pants. I love the knit fabric from Fabricworm it is so soft and perfect for little kids.IMG_2059

Materials needed:

1 yard knit fabric (with some stretch) I used this fabric

Elastic band


To make:

Cut your material like the pieces below. I used a pair of her leggings as a pattern to get the length and the ankle width. For the length, make sure to take in to account the bottom hem about 1 1/2 inches and the waistband about 2 1/2 inches. For the waist size, I added about 4 total inches from her normal measurement. For the inseam drop it down about 2-4 inches depending on how much you want it to hang down.

IMG_2023For the pockets see the image below:

1. Sew the smaller piece of the pockets to the front of the pants right side of the fabric in. *I messed up a little when I cut the pockets, make sure you cut the pockets long enough to reach the TOP of the pants, I had to go back and add a little strip of fabric when sewing the waistband.

2. Sew the second piece of the pocket to the first pocket piece, right side of the fabric in.

3. This is what the pocket will look like sewn.

4. On the front of the pants, sew a finishing stitch where the pockets are-this is optional.
POCKETSHem the bottom of the pants by folding it over and doing a finishing stitch over it. Then place the front and back pieces right side of the fabric in. Like the photo below. Sew them together along the dotted lines. Remember, like I said in the “pockets number 1” your pocket fabric should go all the way to the top of the waistband.


Sew on your elastic waistband. You can use this tutorial to see how to do that. I just think these pants are so adorable and she loves them.


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