A few years ago I decided that the way to make the cold midwest winters more bearable is to have the right outerwear. So since then I have been adding to my arsenal of winter must haves. Mostly it consists of the right coat and right footwear. These are some of my favorites for playing in the snow with the little ones.
1. A hat that actually covers your ears
2. A North Face jacket-so worth it! I wear this coat when I go to the gym and usually just have a tee shirt under it and am still warm
3. Some sunglasses
4. Burt’s Bees lip balm with coconut and pear
5. A good cup of Starbuck’s hot cocoa
6. Mittens/gloves
7. Cable knit scarf
8. J.R. Watkins lemon cream lotion
9. Sorel boots
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