IMG_2398 IMG_2405And here’s another little clothing upcycle with a simple patch. My little Elly loves kittens so I asked if she wanted some knee patches and she requested cats. She is always wearing through her leggings before she outgrows them so I decided to be proactive about this and glue on some patches before the holes in her knees came. I simply cut some felt (because felt won’t fray so I didn’t have to worry about finishing the edges). I used some fabric glue to attach them. Make sure to put a piece of paper in the pant leg so that it doesn’t glue to the other side of the leggings.  So quick and easy and Elly loves them! And now I know these leggings will last so much longer. And it’s great because you can be creative with what shape you cut them in or what type of material you use. I have used leather before also and you just cut and glue-so great.

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