IMG_98101So over a month ago my husband said he would like to try Whole30 to loose some weight. I had heard about Whole30 and thought maybe I could loose some weight I gained over the winter, so being a supportive wife I agreed to do it with him. We started the next day. It took me over an hour to find recipes and make a shopping list-I normally just go grocery shopping once a week but ended up going a couple times a week while on Whole30. I also spent a lot more money on food than I normally do. I hadn’t done a lot of research about the program but found the website really useful and the shopping list was something I referred to often.
I posted some of my favorite recipes herehere, here, here and here.

Some of my favorite snacks were nuts and dried fruit, Lara bars and citrus spritzers. Just make sure you read the labels! I think that’s the most important thing to remember. Even with the dried fruit and Lara bars. And don’t believe it when something claims to be “sugar free” it’s not! Why does everything have sugar in it?! So annoying! I’m proud to say there were no cheats! Not even a piece of our daughter’s birthday cake- we just sat and watched as our kids devoured the delicious, beautifully decorated chocolate cake. 

I think it was difficult not eating bread, hummus and black beans. I missed those the most. It was a good experience because  I never felt gross or full from eating junk food-which is something that happens to me. I don’t think I necessarily had more energy or slept better because I always work out and eat generally healthy. I didn’t crave sugar after the first few days which was a great change. Unfortunately, I have trained my body to enjoy chocolate again 🙂 But I have such a different perspective on food now. It makes me realize how many good, healthy options there are out there. I don’t normally like to eat meat so eating meat for dinner almost every night was a change. I haven’t had meat since we finished and don’t plan to for a few weeks. I ended up losing about 10 pounds-even though I didn’t think I had lost any because we weren’t supposed to weigh ourselves during it. My husband lost 20 pounds and is continuing it for a few weeks in hopes of loosing another 10 pounds. I think I normally feel pretty healthy so there wasn’t a huge change for me. But I encourage anyone who is trying to kick the sugar habit or hoping to loose some weight to try it. My husband didn’t exercise at all during this and lost that weight-not saying that will happen with everyone. There are definitely some aspects of Whole30 we will continue to do like have citrus spritzers instead of soda-soda is so overrated! 🙂 But I will also go back to my black bean burgers and hummus. 

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