My master bedroom is almost finished… I still need to add some pictures to the walls and build some rustic floating shelves. But even now, I just love this room, mostly because of my bed. It’s so cozy and just perfect. I received some sheets from Perfect Linens and that’s probably the reason why I love my bed so much. They are a website that specializes in sheets and have more than 30 years of experience. Instead of having to search through hundreds of products and tens of websites, they have a small curated selection of the best product, making it easier to pick your perfect sheets. I picked the Baby’s Bottom sheets they are so comfortable and feel like a fresh set of sheets every time. Perfect Linens is offering a $35 off coupon code for your purchase just use the code Winthrop35 They also have a 20% off sale until tomorrow. I got this plush throw blanket from Gordmans. It is the softest blanket ever! And I also got the corner lounger chair from Gordmans. It’s the perfect little sitting area in our room. They have some awesome deals going on right now and have a new website that allows you to get your holiday shopping done from home so go check it out!

The barn door hardware is from NW Artisan Hardware. I love the rustic and industrial look of it. I’ll have a tutorial for how I made it in a later post. The door slides to cover our closets and bathroom. Barn doors are so popular right now and are so useful, and way cooler than a normal door. Plus, this is an 8 ft opening, so the barn door was the least expensive and easiest option for covering up the doorway. Today all hardware is 30% off and barn doors are 20% off! Now I just need to get some good room darkening drapes since the morning sun shines right in my room!

I can’t wait to show you the whole room when it’s finished. 

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