Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 8.10.00 PMAs you may know, I am a fan of decorating with whites, and blues. So it’s no surprise that I chose those colors for my family room. I want this room to be cozy and accommodate a gathering place in my home. There is a fireplace in the room so I wanted that to be the focal point and the furniture to accent and not distract from that. 
In most of my house I have very light colors on the wall. This is the room with the darkest overall color. I wanted to have something different because it adds to the warmth and coziness of the room. 

I also tried to work in some of my galvanized metal through accent pieces. Baskets like the ones above are great to hold extra pillows or throw blankets. 

T I P S    F O R    D E C O R A T I N G    A    F A M I L Y    R O O M

+use a large sofa or sectional-when room permits, use as much (comfortable) seating as possible-this will encourage people to gather in this room (sofa inspiration)
+point your furniture towards a focal point, I like creating a circle, or “u” shape with the furniture to encourage conversation between people. The focal point could be a TV, fireplace or large piece of furniture
+use neutrals in your furniture and wall color and use brighter colors with throw pillows and throw blankets
+don’t be afraid to use patterns. I love using patterns in rugs and small furniture (rug inspiration)
+I’m a fan of mixing industrial design with traditional. If you want to mix different styles of design, think of doing it with side tables or lighting. (lighting inspiration)
+use an ottoman instead of a coffee table, not only is it more comfortable when resting your legs, it can double as extra seating if you need it (ottoman inspiration)
+be a bit more daring with your paint color-don’t go too dark, but don’t be afraid of hints of color on the walls (paint color inspiration)

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