Utah Vacation + My Food Tour

In May we had an opportunity to travel to Utah for my brother-in-law’s wedding. Danny and I went to college at BYU in Provo so we love any opportunity we have to go back and visit.

P A R K   C I T Y
On our first day we went to Park City. We had our kids and a lot of cousins so we chose to go to the olympic park so they could have fun on some of the things there. Went on their slide down the side of the mountain and the kids loved it-it’s similar to the Alpine Slide but just one person goes at a time. The kids also played on their adventure park areas. The adults went on the zip line. I was hoping it would be a bit more scary, but it was still fun. 

We ate lunch downtown Park City at Burgers and Barley. We loved it. The burgers were so good and we ate outside with all the kids. Then of course we had to make a stop at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory downtown.

park city.jpg

That evening we headed to Ogden and ate at Lucky Slice Pizza. I love their New York style pizza. The pizzas were huge! We then went to a wedding reception and the next day the wedding and dinner. We tried to go to Beyond the Glaze for donuts but it was closed-apparently they didn’t update their website 🙁 Maybe next time we’ll be able to stop by one of their other locations.

S A L T   L A K E   C I T Y
We were excited to take the kids around temple square. We went on a tour of the conference center. Walked around a few visitors centers and then stopped by This Is The Place heritage park before heading south to Provo.

For breakfast we stopped by Kneaders for some of their delicious french toast and homemade orange juice. Then we hiked Y mountain. The kids were really excited about this for the first 10 minutes and then they started complaining a little. They were determined though and wanted to get to the top. Once we got to the Y they were pretty scared so we took a quick picture and went back down. It took about an hour total. We walked around BYU for a little bit, I made sure to get a Dole Whip from the cougareat in at the Aloha Plate but it wasn’t as good as the dole whip in Magic Kingdom in Disney World-it tastes more like the ones at Animal Kingdom at Disney. Then we stopped by Jdawgs one of our favorite stops while at school there. It’s so cool to see that they now have some restaurants as opposed to just their little stand in a parking lot.

We stopped and got some cookies at Swig before taking a little trip up the canyon to see Bridal Veil Falls. I thought their cookies were good, I would have liked more frosting on the sugar cookies 🙂

We then drove back up to the Salt Lake area and stopped by Cafe Rio for dinner and The Sweet Tooth Fairy for dessert. Now, I have heard about the Sweet Tooth Fairy for years and was so excited to go there. Although I was sad they didn’t have a chocolate chocolate cupcake I could try, everything I had was amazing! I NEVER would buy a vanilla cupcake normally, but this was the best vanilla cupcake I’ve ever had. And their cookies were way better than any others I had on the trip. 

On our last day we ate breakfast at Waffle Love which was so good. I have tried to recreate the waffles we ate while in Belgium and just couldn’t do it. These taste equally as delicious as the ones we ate in Brussels. We drove out I-80 about 40 minutes and let the kids play around on the salt in the salt flats. I think if we would have driven another half hour we would have seen a better part of the salt flats, we just didn’t have time for that. When traveling through the salt flats, make sure you have plenty of gas and make sure you know where the turn arounds are-otherwise, you will be going to Nevada whether you like it or not. We stopped at the Gateway in Salt Lake to eat at Tucanos-one of my favorite restaurants. We went for lunch and it’s such a great deal. Kids 6 and under are free, the other kids are $6 and adults are $15-that’s the best priced Brazilian BBQ restaurant you’ll find that’s still really good food. But they were out of Guarana-what?!!

I love visiting Utah and look forward to the next time we get to stop by!

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