Easy Way to Add Trim to Your Windows

Our back windows face a golf course so I love having that unobstructed view. I decided I didn’t want curtains but the windows just seemed so plain with the blinds. So I decided I wanted to add some window trim. The original windows only had trim along the bottom.

The original windows only had trim along the bottom. Below is the after with a very simple square trim all around the window.

To do it, I pried off the bottom piece of trim and actually reused some of it in another place in my house. Then I used a circular saw and jig saw to cut off the overhang from the windowsill. If you want you can pry off the windowsill and recut it with a table saw and replace it. I opted for the quicker version. 

I used 1/2″ x 2″ pine board on the sides and 1/2″ x 3″ for the top and bottom. Place your top and bottom pieces first, and nail them in. I used a finish nail gun that worked great. Then cut and nail in your side boards.

Fill in any cracks with a wood putty. Sand it down and then paint it with a satin trim paint.

It’s a relatively easy and inexpensive way to add a little bit more of a finished touch to your windows. Now I just have the rest of the house to do!!

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