DIY Vintage Terra Cotta Pots

Since it was the first day of spring this week, I wanted to share with you a fun little DIY for this time of year. I love putting potted plants around my house inside and out. Although I have a tough time keeping plants alive inside the house… the ones I plant outside do pretty well 🙂 These little terra cotta pots are perfect for inside or outside. 

There is an antique yard I love to stop at while in Michigan and while there I saw these little metal number tags and knew I could do something with them. They kind of look like prison numbers or something. Apparently, they were used in a factory in Grand Rapids long ago. I bought a few and I also picked up some terra cotta pots. Some of the pots looked old because they had a white residue on them so I decided to make them all look a bit more vintage and used.

I just painted a light coat of white paint on the terra cotta pots and then when the paint dried I sanded them down. Sand until you can sand no more and then sand again. 

You can plant succulents in there and put them outside or keep them inside. Or you could also put some fake succulents in there and no one would know shhh… I just think they are such a cute alternative to a regular terra cotta plant.

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