The Best Double Chocolate Cupcakes, With An Easter Twist

I am a true cupcake lover. If I’ve visited a town, I’ve been to their highest rated cupcake shop. It’s like when my older brother always made us stop at comic book stores when we were traveling growing up. I make my kids and husband stop at a cupcake shop. I have tasted so many and have become such a critic of them. I still try to make my own every once in a while. I don’t do that often because I have had so many amazing cupcakes, I don’t want to make a batch of cupcakes unless I know they are going to be awesome.

But recently at one of my weekly link parties, The Sweet Life linked up a cake that got me thinking I should turn that recipe in to cupcakes. I used her chocolate cake recipe and frosting found here. And simply put it in 24 cupcake liners. I found these cute paper wrappers here. They turned out great, however I messed up the frosting a few times because it was my first time using a meringue. So, I think in the future I will just stick to a buttercream frosting. But these turned out amazing. And because this is the week of Easter, I had some mini chocolate eggs around, (which are my favorite Easter candy), so I put them on top. It made the cupcakes extra chocolaty and delicious. 

Thanks The Sweet Life for the inspiration!! 🙂

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