The Best Juicing Recipes

My husband and I generally like to eat healthy. I know that means different things for different people, but for us it means we stick to whole and natural foods as much as possible. I am always reading labels selecting things that have ingredients I understand. Now, that’s not to say we slip up on that every once in a while. And we all know I love my chocolate cupcakes! And every once in a while we enjoy doing juice cleanses. I work out 1-2 hours a day so I can’t do a strictly juice diet, but my husband loves it because he often doesn’t have time to work out and this is a way for him to lose a few pounds. Right now we are in the middle of a juice cleanse (I juice for dinner, my husband has only juice all day), so I thought I would dig up some of my favorite juice recipes and share them with you.

We bought a Breville Juicer a few years ago and love it. The kids also love making juice (and I love that they are getting so many fruits and vegetables).
Here are the recipes for the juices pictured:
Juice #1: mango, carrot, apricot, celery, orange
Juice #2: carrot, celery, orange, apple
Juice #3: romaine lettuce, spinach, pear, apple

A few other combinations we like: 
Carrots, celery, apples, oranges, romaine lettuce
Green apple, orange (peeled), leafy greens-kale, spinach romaine
Mango, peach, carrots
Beets, carrots, oranges
Pear, apple, celery stalks, leafs of romaine lettuce

You can also use the waste from the juicer for other recipes if you get rid of the seeds and stems. You need to peel the oranges, but just about everything else you just need to coarsely chop it and throw it in the juicer. Oh they’re so yummy!

For a normal juice cleanse, if you are only juicing, I would recommend doing it for a few days to a week. I could only last four days the first time when I did only juice, before I got so hangry I couldn’t take it anymore. My husband right now is doing two weeks and so far lost 10 pounds. The trick of course with any cleanse is to make sure you don’t bring all the weight back on right away-or ever. To help prevent that, you can slowly introduce foods back in to your diet. There are so many great websites that give you tips for which foods to introduce first. We followed the Whole 30 reintroduction plan last time we did it. You can check that out here. Juicing isn’t for everyone, but we sure do love it!!

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