Indoor S’more Bar

I love s’mores. I can eat about seven in one sitting and am pretty proud of it 🙂 We love having little campfires out in the back yard to roast marshmallows but I don’t like smelling like a campfire. So I wanted to have s’mores-but not the campfire smell. My solution was an indoor s’more bar. This is the perfect dessert for when friends come over-or for just you and your hungry little kids 🙂 And you can do it any time of the year!

The special trick is to buy these little gel cookers. You can just light them and they will last about an hour or two, so plenty of time for you and your guests to enjoy the s’more bar. 

For the s’more bar I used Reeses Cups, Hershey’s chocolate, peanut butter, nutella, marshmallows, graham crackers, ritz crackers and kabob skewers. Just a tip about the burners: I wrapped the sides in tinfoil before putting them on the plate. Also, the marshmallows will get really warm and start to melt if they are sitting next to the fire for a while 🙂

My favorite combo is spreading peanut butter on both graham crackers, half a Hershey bar on one side, two marshmallows in the middle and a Reeses cup on top. I have it down to a science 🙂 And I love that with these little burners, I can have s’mores anywhere!

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