American Flag Mini Pies

I love making these little American Flag pies this time of year! I like to make mini pies because personal pies are such a popular dessert-and they look so cute. When serving pie slices, especially my American flag pie, by the time you cut it and serve it, it doesn’t look like an American flag 🙂 So this way, you can serve the little pies and they still look like an American flag when they reach the plate. 

I used THIS buttery pie crust recipe. In place of a cup of regular flour, I used a cup of cake flour. I love this pie crust recipe. I rolled it out to about 1/8 inch thick and spread it in my little ramekins. These particular ramekins are about an inch deep, but you could use other sized ramekins. I rolled over the tops, so it looks thicker around the edges. 

To separate the blueberries from the cherries, place a little piece of tinfoil inside the pie. I kept it in there for about half of the baking process. I filled the pies with canned cherry pie filling on one side. Canned blueberry pie filling on the other side. I also added in some fresh blueberries right on top of the blueberry pie filling. I cut some little stars and stripes out of the leftover pie crust. 

I cooked the pies at 375 for about 45 minutes. About 10 minutes before they were done, I spread on an egg white and heavy cream wash to give the crust some color. Just use the whites of one egg, mixed with about a tablespoon of heavy cream. Spread it on to the crust and as it finishes cooking, it will turn the crust a nice golden brown. 

These pies taste so yummy and are perfect for your fourth of July picnics. 

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