4th of July Mantel


I decided to get a little festive with the 4th of July and put up some decorations, since this is one of my favorite holidays. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I made this shelf for my dining room. I just used the top and sides of an old shelf, then attached a back piece that I cut little lines in to make it look like bead board. Then I antiqued it a little and added some knobs I got from Hobby Lobby. So now I have this new shelf that I love to decorate.

Most of these things were just found around my house.
The candles: just plain red candles with some washi tape around them, then put on top of an upside down soufflĂ© dish.

The art work: A white frame that will eventually go in my bathroom, but hasn’t quite made it there yet 🙂  I put some washi tape on some scrapbook paper, and you have art!

I changed out the banner on my pallet art.

For the American flag, I cut some scrap wood, spray painted it white and then decoupaged some stars and stripes scrapbook paper on. That was super easy and a fun little toy for the kids too.

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