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I love taking pictures and have so many lying around. I wanted to make something where I could display my photos but in a very temporary way so that I could switch them out often. I went to Poppy Seed Projects and saw this subway art plaque and knew it would be perfect. I also ordered the texture cream because it was recommended. Just a few days later I received this in the mail.

 There were great detailed instructions included that helped me to create the subway art plaque.

The first step being to apply the texture cream which I did in horizontal lines.

Then after that dried, I painted the board white, with two coats. When that dried, I put the stencil on and painted the orange color on top. After that completely dried, I removed the stencil and then sanded the board with some sandpaper to give it a distressed look.

 To turn the subway art plaque in to the photo and message board, I hot glued some thin wire to the back of the board.

I used the little clothes pins to pin on the photos. I printed my instagram pictures through Postal Pix, an app on my iphone. It was great. I just picked the photos from my phone and it lets me pick the size. (these were 4×4) Then they just are delivered to my house in a few days.

You could also pin on a little note card or message. Or put it in your kitchen and hang up your recipes.

{disclaimer: I was provided the materials for this post, but I do think the supplies were pretty awesome}
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