25 homemade kids halloween costumes


We have a month and a half until Halloween, but for some reason, with school and trips, I know it will be here before I know it. And recently, my sister-in-law requested that I compile a list of some homemade halloween costumes. So I checked out Pinterest and other websites and made a list of 25 homemade costumes. I got so many ideas for my own kids from these websites, but my boys want some pretty traditional costumes that I will probably end up buying. But I plan to make Elly’s costume and will show it to you as soon as I make it. Hopefully you will get some inspiration from these cute little costumes!
1. Peacock
2. Moose
3. Wings 
4. Pinocchio
5. Sack of potatoes
6. Up

7. Pinata

8. Octopus

9. Bat costume
10. Baby Frankenstein
11. Pickle

12. Dwight

13. Sock Monkey

14. Owl 

15. Butterfly

16. Flowers

17. Chicken

18. Superheroes

19. Candy Boxes 

20. Pink Owl

21. Paper Doll

22. Rapunzel

23. Where the Wild Things Are
24. Aerobics Instructor
 Oh and this has to be my favorite little costume… 
25. A miniature Nacho Libre!
{I couldn’t find all of the original posts for these… but I did my best}
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