framed chalkboard


I made this framed chalkboard menu as a part of my recent kitchen update. I love it! It’s so nice to actually have our meals written down somewhere where we can all see them. Now when my husband offers to make dinner, he knows what to make 🙂 

Here are my supplies: A frame from Michaels, chalkboard spray paint, some leftover paint and leftover piece of thin wood.
to make:
first. I spray painted the piece of wood (that was cut to fit my frame) with the chalkboard paint.
second. Paint the frame, with whatever color you want.
third. Glue the piece of wood to the back of the frame (I used wood glue).
fourth. I stenciled on some letters with white paint.
fifth. I sanded the frame and the stenciling a little bit with sandpaper to distress it.

And that’s it!

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