mason jar snow globes


I have been wanting to make these mason jar snow globes with the kids for a few years and finally got around to doing it. They were so easy and the kids love them!
to make:
first. gather your supplies, a mason jar, some sort of toy/animal that will fit inside the mason jar and some glitter or fake snow.

second. I spray painted the little animals gold and then hot glued them to the inside of the lid of the mason jar. {You will notice I used these green little trees, I wouldn’t recommend doing this. After a couple quick shakes of the jar, the white snow glitter turned to green yucky water because the trees I guess aren’t made to be soaked in water and shaken around}.

 third. Add your glitter or snow to the jar. Then fill the jar with water, almost right to the top.

fourth. Put your mason jar lid on and screw it on tight. You can even put a few dabs of glue on the lid if you are worried about it leaking.

 This was a fun little craft for the kids that can also be a holiday decoration.

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