diy floating shelves


When we switched out our brown doors for our new six panel white doors, we saved some of the old ones so that we could use them for shelves. They were perfect for turning into floating shelves. I actually did none of the work… my husband made these for me 🙂 I love all of the picture frames and how it is a gallery wall of sorts, just without having to nail all the pictures to the wall individually. I can switch them out so easily this way.

to make:
first. Cut the door to fit the size of the shelf you want. For these long shelves, I used the length of the entire door, and 5 inches deep. Cut from both sides of the door and you have two shelves! Fill in the door knob hole and the hinges holes with putty and sand to make sure it’s smooth.

second. Hollow out the inside of the door. This is why these doors were perfect for these shelves because they are mostly hollow already. Make sure that there is about two feet hollowed out, like in the picture below.

third. For each shelf, cut two pieces of wood like the piece below. This one is about two feet long and two inches deep. The door will eventually slide right on this, so it needs to be the same size as the hollowed out portion of your shelf.

fourth. Screw the two shelf supports in to the wall using one screw in the middle of the piece of wood. Leave the screw a little loose. Measure to make sure you are screwing them in to the wall so that the shelf will slide on to them.

It should look like this.

fifth. To make sure that the pieces are level, place the shelf on top of the two pieces, because there is only one screw in them, you will be able to very easily level the pieces of wood.

sixth. Tighten the screws in the wood pieces. 

seventh. At some point paint your shelf, I did it at this step. Right before I painted, I glued on a little strip of wood to act as a stopper so that the frames won’t slide off the shelf.

eighth. Slide your shelf on the support pieces of wood and nail the shelf to the pieces of wood. This will make sure that your shelf doesn’t slide off the pieces of wood.

Then I got out my white and gold spray paint and dug up every old picture frame I could find. 

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