About two months ago my husband’s great aunt moved to an independent living facility and gave away a lot of her furniture. I asked if by chance there were any chairs she wanted to get rid of. And she happened to have two chairs that were exactly what I was hoping for. I was so excited. My in-laws brought them to our house all the way from Ohio, bless their hearts! My husband was and is a little hesitant… he still sees them as just old chairs… but that’s okay, I like them and they are so comfortable. As I was examining the chair, I found a receipt of purchase and it was dated 1975! Awesome. I Thought I would update the chairs a little so I cut off the bottom flaps, cut off the existing wheel-legs and stapled the edges of the flaps underneath. My husband made the legs and I stained them. I then screwed them to the bottom of the chair. I also added some upholstery tacks. 

I just love these chairs because they have so much character and they were from my husband’s great aunt, so we know that they have been in the family for many years! And it’s kind of crazy how much they happened to match the rest of the room 🙂

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