About a year and a half ago I posted about a maxi skirt I made, but the tutorial I referred to isn’t available anymore, so a lot of you have contacted me asking to post a maxi skirt tutorial. I have made a few different maxi skirts and here is the basic method I use. I think these are great skirts to make even if you aren’t an expert seamstress. There are only four pieces of fabric you are working with.
to make:
first. I used about two yards of 60 inch wide knit fabric, this particular one is cotton knit, but I have also made some with jersey knit. Whatever you choose, make sure it has some stretch to it. Cut two of each of the pieces of fabric below. Of course you may decide you want to alter these measurements, but these are some basic measurements to follow.

second. Place and pin the pieces of fabric on top of each other, right side of the fabric in. And sew as follows: (I have some skirts that I used a zig zag stitch along the length and some that I used a double stitch, do whatever you prefer)

third. After you have sewn those portions, take the top of the waistband (one of the raw edge sides) and fold it down over the bottom of the waistband so that you are left with a waistband looking like the image below.

fourth. Slide the already sewn skirt inside of the waistband like in the image below.

fifth. When the raw edges of the skirt and the raw edges of the waistband are lined up, do a zig zag or serger stitch all around.
sixth. For the hem, you have a few different options. You can either do a double stitch or just leave the edge raw. If you don’t hem it, you won’t need the extra 3 inches at the bottom that I mentioned in step 1. I do a hem on the skirts I plan to wear to more formal places. But usually leave a raw edge on the skirts I just plan to wear around the house or to run errands. The fabric won’t fray because it’s a knit, but you will want to make sure that you have very sharp scissors to cut a straight edge so it doesn’t look sloppy.

Turn the skirt inside out and fold down the waistband as you like. And that’s it! Happy maxi skirt making! You can check out my post from yesterday to see what to wear with your maxi skirt 🙂

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