I love making berry desserts in the warm weather. I made these raspberry jello parfaits when we had some friends over for dinner. We just had eaten grilled steaks and garlic mashed potatoes, so a light refreshing berry dessert was perfect. And I think it’s fun when everyone gets their own individual dessert. 
Raspberry Jello Parfait
1 package raspberry jello + hot water
Angel food cake (I made some loafs of angel food cake and used about 1 and a half loaves for 7 parfaits)
Homemade whipped cream (you can use store bought but homemade tastes so much better!)
1. Mix the jello powder with only the hot water requested on the jello box. Stir in the raspberries. Cool in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes, just enough time to let it cool down-but not too long that it starts to set. 
2. When the jello is cooled, begin assembling your parfait. I tore pieces of the angel food cake and layered: angel food cake, jello and other fruit, then the whipped cream. I repeated the layering until it filled the glass. Stick the parfaits back in to the refrigerator and let jello set (1-2 hours).
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