Like I mentioned Monday, Fabricworm gave me some incredibly soft knit fabric and I knew I wanted to make some leggings with it. My daughter loves wearing leggings, so I whipped up these two pair and it was pretty easy so I think some more leggings will be in my near future-especially when it gets a bit colder. You could use this basic pattern for any size leggings, even for yourself! 
To make:
1. trace another pair of leggings on to freezer paper to get a pattern.
2. transfer the pattern to a piece of folded fabric, the fold in the fabric is the left straight side.
3. when opened, the piece should look like this-you need two of these pieces
 4. pin the bottom of each piece of fabric and sew a double stitch using a twin or double needle on the “right side” of the fabric
5. both pieces of fabric should look like this when you are done
6. lay the two pieces of fabric on top of each other with the right side of the fabric in
 7. the two fabric pieces should look like this with the ankle part already sewn from step 4, sew along the top curve of the leggings
8. then fold the leggings so they look like this and fold along the inside curves
 9. fold the waistband over and pin it
10. sew a double stitch with the double needle on the “right side” of the fabric just like you did for the ankle hem
11. leave an opening to insert the elastic
12. put the elastic in the waistband
13. sew the elastic with a double stitch
14. it should look like this
15. turn the leggings right side out and then finish the waistband hem left open for the elastic

And that’s it! Now I am on the hunt for some knit fabric to make some for myself!

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