I feel like the summer has flown by. I love the warm weather, but there is something about the fall that gets me a bit excited so I am ok with a season change. Among many things, one thing my family did over the summer was soak up as much local produce as possible.
And we finally had a lot of raspberries on our plants. I loved just going to the backyard to get some raspberries. So I froze a lot of them to keep for smoothies. 
We picked cherries for a few hours and I pitted about 25 quarts of cherries. I had some little helpers- but it still took forever! I then made several pies that I froze using this method. Of course we made one right away. I made some homemade crust that was so flaky and delicious and made a granola/brown sugar crumb for the top.

It’s great having a freezer full of homemade pies and frozen fruit. Next up, apple season!

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