As I mentioned earlier, my husband and I took a little anniversary getaway to Washington D.C. where we were married nine years ago. I just loved every minute of it. It was beautiful weather and so fun to see all of these historic and iconic places. Because we dropped the kids off at grandma and grandpa’s we could pack our schedule without worrying about things like naptimes, potty training or tired kiddos. We also stayed just a few blocks from the National Mall so we could walk everywhere. We walked the mall a few times-it’s so pretty at night! And we also made a stop to the National Archives to see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Also, to the Museum of Natural History to swoon over the Hope Diamond
We also ate so much while we were there. I think I did about 30% planning for the places we would go and about 70% for the places we would eat. Some days we planned our schedule around a lunch or dinner spot. And it was so worth it. I think that’s what we talk about most since being back, the delicious food! One evening we walked just a block to get dinner at Rosa Mexicano, so good! They had amazing table side guacamole.

Then we had dessert at Coco Sala, just across the street from our hotel and they specialize in gourmet chocolate desserts!

And have you heard of Good Stuff Eatery? It was started by Spike from Top Chef and has amazing burgers and shakes. I would recommend the Prez Obama burger-so good.

Pitango gelato.

Then we headed to Georgetown one morning. We did some shopping downtown and stopped by Georgetown Cucpakes-of course! I actually like them a lot better than Sprinkles-I’ll still take a Sprinkles cupcake any day… but just sayin…

We stopped by Filomena for some pizza for lunch and then hopped on some city bikes and rode them along the Potomac River back to D.C.

 Some 2Amy’s pizza for lunch-perfect. We also ate some Ethiopian food and some Korean ice cream while in Virginia, we had never had either of those before so it was fun to try new foods.

Here is the LDS temple where we were married. Just as pretty as ever. We had fun walking around reminiscing.

We stopped by Arlington Cemetery and watched the changing of the guards of the Tomb of the Unknowns. I think the cemetery was one of my favorite stops, just so much history and reverence for all of the fallen heroes.

We just can’t wait to go back! 
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