So, I am assuming you guys have seen harem pants-they are everywhere these days. Or maybe you saw some pants and were like, “uh.. MC Hammer pants are back?! Since when? And, I wish I still had mine from 4th grade!” Well, that’s what I was thinking anyway when I first started seeing them. I think you either love them or hate them. I love anything comfortable-and trendy?-extra bonus!
Well, I decided to make a pair and they were surprisingly easy-check out my harem pants tutorial! What makes them “harem” pants is that they are baggy at the top and then tapper at the knee down. Personally, I think some super baggy harem pants look a bit silly, so I kept mine simple. Harem pants can be styled many different ways. I have some sweatpants that are harem pants and love wearing them to the gym, but I wanted to make some that were a step up from gym clothes. Some that I could wear to the grocery store (top look) or on a date night (below look). 

 Here are some other harem pants I love and ideas for how they can be styled:

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