I love wearing maxi skirts. You may remember my maxi skirt tutorial. Well, I wanted to make a maxi skirt that was just a bit more fitted instead of the rolled top. After making my leggings tutorial, I realized how easy it is to add a waistband so I decided to combine my maxi skirt tutorial with my leggings tutorial and get a high waisted maxi skirt. 
2 yds knit fabric (one with stretch)
elastic for the waistband
twin needle
first. Begin by cutting two pieces of fabric- that’s it, just two pieces of fabric, that’s easy enough right?! I used a jersey knit fabric so that there was some stretch to it. I wanted the skirt to be pretty straight, so I just made sure to compensate for the widest part on my body, my hips, and then just cut it straight up to my waist and straight down to the floor. The width at the bottom can be however big or small you want-just not too narrow or else it will be hard to walk in. Also, when cutting the waist measurement, make sure to remember the fact that you will be folding over the top of the waistband for your elastic, so you want to make sure that even when folding it over with the elastic it will still fit tight on your high waist. 
second. Sew those two pieces of fabric together right side of the fabric in. Sew along the length. I did a zig zag stitch.
third. To see how to sew the waistband follow my leggings tutorial steps 9-15
fourth. To see how to hem the bottom of the skirt, follow my leggings tutorial steps 4 and 5.
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