Like I mentioned yesterday, Icon Wall Stickers sent me some vinyl to work with. I had a hard time deciding what to pick because there were so many different things I could have done with a vinyl sticker, but I chose this one. I picked size XS and in gold. I wanted to mount it on wood because let’s be honest, I change things up in my house too often to actually stick the vinyl on my wall-even though vinyl can be removed easy, once you take it off you can’t use it again. With it on this board, I can move it anywhere or put it on the wall if I want. 
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I went in my husband’s work room and found a piece of dark wood the exact size I needed-I love it when that happens! So all I did was paint it white, then I sanded and distressed the wood. After wiping the board clean from all the sawdust, I applied the vinyl sticker. I like that the wood was really dark but if you have a lighter piece of wood, you can always rub some stain over it after sanding and distressing and before you apply the vinyl. Just make sure that the paint or stain is completely dry before applying the vinyl.

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